Anomaly Productions Grand Tour
(All books signed!)
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Why choose when you can have it all? Start on Earth in Shifter, then take to the stars in Faster Than Light (Volumes 1 & 2), the Mission Logs (1 & 2, previously only available at event appearances), then to the future in the groundbreaking, 370-page Anomaly! The exploits of Jon and crew rages forward with the Conglomerate in Anomaly: The Rubicon. An FTL "Discover Beyond" Mission Patch will accompany this massive package at a mindbending 20% OFF! INCLUDES personalization (if desired), saving you up to $70 OFF retail! A fantastic way to save a ton on set to cherish for yourself...or for SEVERAL of your closest friends. This is the ultimate sci-fi connoisseur’s set in this (or any) galaxy!

• ALL books signed by creator/illustrator Brian Haberlin (personalization included if desired)


(1) Anomaly graphic novel in gift box
(1) Anomaly: Rubicon graphic novel
(1) Faster Than Light graphic novel (v.1)
(1) Faster Than Light graphic novel (v.2)
(1) Mission Log: The Hermit
(1) Mission Log: Sally’s Story
(1) Exclusive FTL Mission Patch
(1) Shifter graphic novel

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