Anomaly: The Rubicon

In a post-Earth future, humanity is strewn across the galaxy, living in city-sized orbital platforms or on distant colony worlds. All aspects of society are controlled by a single entity: the Conglomerate. Wealth is the only measure of status and power, and the vast majority of it is held by a select few shareholders. For centuries, citizens of the Conglomerate have never known any other way of life, yet some still dream of justice and freedom. In this sequel to the ground-breaking graphic novel ANOMALY, the survivors of a doomed exploratory mission will challenge the very system that sent them off to die. Captained by Jon, a veteran soldier seeking redemption from his past, and inspired by Samantha, a wealthy elite shareholder who yearns for a more just society, they are determined to expose the dark secrets that keep the Conglomerate in power. They will take their stand at a place called the Rubicon.

• Full-color hardcover
• 256pp (25--as of March, 2018--AR enabled with FREE app for iOS & Android phones & tablets)
• Bimonthly AR content updates. The book is still growing!
• Signed by Brian Haberlin


(1) Anomaly: The Rubicon graphic novel


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