The Kataigida are not named for the rider or mount type. They are an elite arm of Erebos’ legions recognized for their coordinated, fast “pack attacks.” If the OPTI translations are correct, in Greek, I think, “Kataigida” means “storm.” Whether by accident, design or a thick dollop of evolutionary irony, The People call them the “Storm Riders” for the telltale dust of their approach across the desert sands.

“They are dangerous because they think,” Aodh once said. “The rider and the demon carrying them.”

Bal’ka confirmed the unusually dangerous nature of the Storm Riders. The fast mounts share similarities with the Wardogg, but are “improved” for their purpose. The legs are longer and able to extend almost completely, giving them the ability to “pull” harder with each long step. The body carries greater muscle mass and the lateral direction-changing ability at speed is disturbing. The jaw and neck are slightly elongated, allowing the creature to keep its head level as it charges at its target.

By our estimation, Kataigida mounts are the result of a selective breeding program of the Wardoggs…almost to the point of having given rise to an entirely new species in a few short generations… The Muties lack the knowledge and discipline to manage such a program, suggesting yet again that the threat of Erebos is a multi-faceted one. Kataigida mounts have their tails docked so they can't be severed in combat, which would compromise their balance. It also lets them maneuver between their less-agile Mutie counterparts without getting tangled.

Of the many qualities of the Kataigida mount, the most alarming is their high level of intelligence. Most Mutie war steeds are primal. They are as likely to attack their own as the enemy if injured, stressed or simply mistreated by the rider. The Wardoggs used by the Kataigida know the difference between friend and foe and work well with their Mutie masters in close quarters combat. Both The People and the Moncs are grateful there are so few as capable as the Kataigida among the Mutie hordes.