The use of ceremonial war paint can be observed everywhere from Old Earth and across the stars where conflict within its populations rage. Anomaly is no different in this regard.

The Muties, in particular, appear to have a primal need to differentiate themselves from one another. Ill-advised piercings, self-mutilations and war paint all cater to this curious narcissistic thirst which seems to have no end. Unfortunately for them, the lack of any longstanding cultural pillars leaves no catalog of symbols they might draw from for meaningful designs. There is no significance anyone can discern from the chaotic application of war paint on a Mutie, save their insatiable need to flaunt their existence.

In Mutie terms, existence alone may well be something to celebrate. Any design that appears intentional is dismissed as nothing more than a happy accident. It is doubtful the Mutie knows, or cares, either way.

Young Moncs who have not yet mastered their camouflaging abilities may also apply war paint before heading into battle. Even the rare Nikdo who has taken up the sword will use war paint (usually to draw away from the fact that they are, in fact, Nikdo). Most surprising is the use of war paint by the ordinarily passive Slow Walker. If enraged, the Slow Walker is a disturbingly capable fighter. Their blood red, paint-streaked faces are a spectacle of terror as they shed p’neh in favor of violence.