Urz, like Dagda, is a Master in the following of The One. Her unusual, mismatched eye color also suggests she has the gift of “the sight.”

Some suspected that Urz and Dagda have had occasion to speak to one another over the years, including the bloodiest summers of fighting between their people. No proof of this was ever uncovered, leading many to believe such communications were done in ways only available to the most learned among the Masters. Whatever the tales, the Masters have never steered their people wrong, and the reverence each Master holds within their race is absolute.

Urz is the spiritual leader of the Moncs, and a member of the Monc elder council. She does not partake of direct governance issues, but offers her sagely advice when asked…and sometimes even if not… Only the most stubborn (or stupid) Monc would dismiss anything she might say. Her words may be soft-spoken, but they carry the wisdom and authority of the ages in them.