Length: 10 m
Width: 2.20 m
Height: 4.23 m
Weight: ~15,000 kg
Speed: 2.11 km/h
Habitat: Variable. Prefers dry, shaded climates.
Anatomical Features: Powerful quadruped with large, bony “shield” structure and forward-facing horns (ranging from one to three).
Feeding Habits: Herbivore.

Siegers are a favorite among The People as a beast of burden and a siege machine for smaller Mutie outposts (hence their name). They can be loosely described as a larger version of prehistoric Earth’s Triceratops. The Sieger does have a major departure from its ancient Earth cousin: the number of horns will vary anywhere from one to three. The thickness and length of these horns are also as unique as the creature that carries them and can be used to identify each individual animal. They are not especially fast, but their horns as weapons aside, their ability to function as mobile catapult units has proven an especially devastating to those who might face them in war.