Race: The People
Etymology: Unknown
Age: 12
Occupation: Apprentice of
The People (Green Clan)

Tahs was orphaned before he could forge any meaningful long term memories of his parents. Aine tells me they were lost in the ongoing wars that are the common denominator of life in these parts. It is an all too common occurrence, both within The People and every race we've been able to contact. Tahs' parents were of the Reds, but due to his exceptionally young age, an elderly couple of the Green agreed to raise them as a grandson of sorts. Tahs grew-up to understand the healing arts as much as those of combat, and has even found a measure of favor with Aine for his playful, but focused sensibilities. He bears a level of skill in advanced techniques beyond his years, but fails to grasp some of the more basic ones... Dagda once thought to bring Tahs into the temple for more intensive studies under her and Aine's direct tutelage.

Aine talked her out of this citing that he was only a child, and that the study of The One all but necessitated a measure of independent discovery before more focused efforts could be undertaken. Dagda ultimately relented (a rarity), though she may have done so as much out of the big sisterly relationship she now shared with the boy as anything else. For his part, Tahs has proven to be a lively study, to say the least, and as prone to the indiscretions of childhood as any.

If Aine is his big sister/motherly figure, then does that make Dagda something of a grandmother? As with many questions regarding the most powerful Seer on Anomaly, this too is left to go unasked, and therefore unanswer.ed..