Reed Stalker

Length: 2.54 m
Width: 0.68 m
Height: 2.00 m
Weight: 391.25 kg
Speed: 47.02 km/h
Habitat: Variable. Prefers bodies of standing water.
Anatomical Features: Biped. Powerful rear legs and shortened front legs. Tail used for balance as well as a weapon. Possesses a broad, rounded snout with top-forward nostrils and a small swim bladder to allow it additional buoyancy while in the water.
Feeding Habits: Forage feeders. Herbivore.

The Reed Stalker has many similar characteristics to its cousins, the Tashiri and Bow Runner. It has adapted itself to the semi-aquatic environments of the freshwater channels west of the Uredos Marshlands and used as the mount of choice by the Green Clan of The People. They are easily domesticated and, despite their preferred homes close to water, they can easily withstand the desert wilds of Anomaly for weeks at a time with adequate drinking water. Their consumption of the chlorophyll-laden mosses and reeds are used in their skin pigmentation giving many a greenish tint. This makes them surprisingly difficult to see as they wend their way through reeds or submerged among them. There is also a brown variety which gets its particular coloration from its diet of inland nuts, fruits and shrubs.

Survival Tactics:
The most dangerous phase in dealing with the Reed Stalker is trying to capture one from the wild for obvious reasons. They have explosive speed and are able to swim through water as easily as they can run across land. They are not natural predators of anything beyond the occasional small fish. The People have sped domestication by using a variety of sweet fruits as treats.