The Celebration of Light was the first of its kind joining together all the races…except Muties…in a moment where the focus was on what we all had in common rather than our differences. It was agreed following Erebos’ defeat that this pivotal moment in Anomaly’s history would be remembered on the same day each year. The location of the celebration would rotate between the main villages of each race, including a new, yet-unnamed home for the Breeds, currently under construction north of Tel’Forae with help from every corner of their vast desert.

The first Celebration was held in Rua, home of the Red Clan, in honor of Caderyn. This gathering celebrated his life rather than mourning his death. It would have been considered “rude” by Aodh and Cadmael to do otherwise. There was a festival feel to this hodgepodge of every whit and stripe of races. Moncs smiling and breaking bread with The People in the heart of Rua… Who would have guessed it even possible?

It also seemed fitting that the Breeds, once outcasts among their own kind, would be the first to benefit from the cooperation of not only those who rejected them, but of time-worn enemies turned allies. Following the great battle, the Breeds were invited back to their respective people but they declined, having forged new bonds of family and friends amongst their adopted jumble of tribes.

The motion to help rebuild the Breed settlement was unanimous. Another first.

The future will certainly hold some disagreements, as even the best of friends are bound to have. It is unlikely, however, to ever escalate to the generations of malice that once ruled these lands and spilled so much blood.

I’ve wondered to my wit’s end at how quickly the blood feuds were not merely set aside in words, but genuinely buried. In some odd way, it’s as if this is how things should have always been… Then again, what do I know? I am but a humble scientist stuck on a rock in some far-flung corner of space.