RAJDAE Nocturna Suppression Tantillus Anomilae (“Little Anomaly Nightmare”).

Length: 11 m
Width: 2.10 m
Height: 4.85 m
Weight: ~16,120 kg
Speed: 1.57 km/h
Habitat: Dry, arid flatlands.
Anatomical Features: Powerful quadruped with a pair of long, thick, forward-facing horns and defensive spikes at the
neck base.
Feeding Habits: Herbivore.

Rajdae were named after the Mutie leader prior to (and who was deposed by) Erebos, who first tamed one as a reliable beast of war. Erebos magnified the use of the beast by making it the carrier animal for the giant ballista weapons which came to be known as the “Fists of Erebos.” The animals themselves are surprisingly docile by nature. There are also very few in the upper desert regions due to the lack of vegetation they feed on.

The Rajdae share many physiological characteristics as the freakishly large monster Erebos takes into battle (“The Nightmare”), and it is my belief the two share a genetic predecessor. Where or how the larger creature came to be, we’ll likely never know, but the spike placements and patterns are too similar to be mere coincidence.