The circle is a powerful symbol among The People. It’s a functional shape, used for dozens of engineering necessities, and it's observed throughout nature, carrying tremendous philosophical significance. The intrinsically cyclic nature of life, birth, experience, death…is at the root of the circle and is therefore a symbol for the Healers.

A “shaman’s” staff is given to the most erudite healer (other than a Seer) each Clan has in their midst. I was given this honor when I “returned” Lir’s sight. I had no desire for the attention (a man missing an eye and arm would have stood out back home, so you can imagine how much he stands out here!) and deferred to the many healers who are damn near magic in my eyes…well, eye.... Their expansive knowledge of medicinal plant extracts and rudimentary battlefield surgeries are beyond impressive. However, in a culture whose first imperative is becoming a capable warrior, the return of one’s sight (even using the knowledge of modern medicine) is the stuff of miracles.

The staff I was given, which I honestly thought was as a walking aid, is apparently unique among such simple-looking sticks.

The wood it is carved from is thought to be the same light, iron-hard type Dlotinus’ staff was constructed from, using a tree which no longer exists. Among The People, Dagda and Aine are the most gifted healers, and neither would accept this staff even at The People's insistence. Aine handed it to me when she learned of Lir’s glasses and I foolishly accepted it as a walking aid without inquiring about its history. She refused to take it back once I did.

A handful of the locals expressed outrage that an outsider (an un-warriorly, cycloptic, single-armed one, at that) was given this staff, but were quickly silenced when they heard about Lir’s return to combat. I think I won over the rest with the new recursive bows we drummed up, which really pump up the distance of the arrows.