Muties are the most chaotic and destructive force on Anomaly, but to get the full picture of these twisted creatures, one must address their creative side. The Mutie addiction to bloodlust has given rise to a number of expressive outlets...

The first is their ingenious discovery of fresh, painful, and oftentimes novel ways to torture and murder their prey. Muties live to choke the life from anything and everything that crosses them. It is as natural to them as breathing. Philosophers on countless worlds have often defined living as simply “being.” These savage creatures define (some would say, defy) life by another measure: “to kill.” A Breed warrior put it best when they described the Mutie as the ultimate contradiction. “They breathe, as if alive...but they only bring death.”

Over time, the rather mundane act of slitting a throat or disemboweling live prey became humdrum for the demons. What they lack in common sense, they more than make-up for in “creative misery.”

This fatalistic view of all things also permeates Mutie fashion sense. They enjoy creating images on their bodies through self-mutilation. It is also a means to provoke fear in the enemy (and one another). Piercings and scarring are the most common media. Somewhere in the dark recesses of the Mutie's madness lies the idea that the larger the piercing, the greater the glory. To this end, many lesser fighters have been known to stab themselves with small daggers (or larger) to stand out from the crowd.

The People have one type of Mutie they do like: the ones who provide an easy means to kill them. Decorative daggers cause the Mutie they pierce great discomfort when removed and, when reapplied (point-first) to the skull or heart, provide a bloody (if comedic) end to the vile creature.

More often than not, the Muties will die from infections acquired from the use of non-sterile utensils when piercing/scarring. Feverish, puss-riddled Muties have been observed on the battlefield suffering in this manner. They are no less dangerous to their opponents (and one another) when armed and driven further out of their senses.