Visual Identification:
The Sallowi is from the orchid family of flowering plants with bright red petals that fall and regenerate almost on a bi-weekly basis. It grows in mountainous regions where sun and shadow are split nearly half-and-half throughout the day.

The People’s Healers recognized the regenerative growth patterns of the Sallowi and learned long ago that these properties could be replicated to some degree as a salve on various types of wounds. A mash created from crushed whole flowers will work and stay in place longer, but the pure gelatinous extract from its stem has a much greater potency but evaporates quickly, requiring many applications to be effective. Some form of the Sallowi balm is always the first application on a wound even in the absence of water, and is presumed to be an antimicrobial and antiviral agent as well. We’ve yet to test its efficacy for water purification as certain scientific inquiries are not worth dying for.