The arid expanse the Teana call home is littered with random, spiky rockscapes (some to near mountain proportions). Of more archaeological interest, however, are the massive, smooth pillars and structures among these serrated, “toothy” pockets of rock. The harsh winds and annual monsoons across the centuries explain the creation of the sharp-edged rock profile.

This same logic makes the existence of the smooth constructs even more mysterious…

One of the largest of these formations is at what is considered the “gateway” to the Ghost Region. It is called the Desert Trinity for the monolithic rocks which comprise it. Several smaller such structures are scattered about its base. No one is certain what the Desert Trinity was, or was meant to be. Like many of the gigantic statues across the lands, who…or what…took the time to smooth these rocks is lost to the mists of time.

Many of The People feel these were the start of some kind of deliberate carving. Of what? No one dares to even propose a guess. If this was the work of giants…what could have made them vanish from Anomaly without a trace? (We’ve unearthed several examples of the small, bat-like critters the Muties will kill one another to attain the skulls of…but none that would suggest a yet-unnamed titan. True, Nolacs are large. So are the Gigantus. But nothing to the scale necessary to carve-up entire mountainsides.)