The office of Maj is to the Moncs what a Clan Leader is to The People. The Moncs do not have a clan-based society, per se, but the core defenses of Tel’Forae are divided into three main areas of responsibility.

The Northern Dag (or “legion”) is the front-facing defense against Mutie incursions into Monc desert territories. The forward outposts of Vatul and Shir (“shield” and “fang,” respectively) fall under the Northern Dag Maj. The Eastern Dag serves as the primary deterrent to potential interlopers from The People. The Lamh outpost, situated at the edge of the Aphon waterways, makes for a daunting, dangerous journey for any who dare attempt uninvited entry into Tel’Forae. The Southern Dag is the key defense arch of the Three Tears region. Recent escalations in Mutie activities have forced a closer coordination of previously independent Dag tactics. To help ensure an efficient command structure, one Maj was elected by the Monc population to serve as the “better among equals,” in charge of matters of defense. This Monc is known as the Third Maj.

The responsibility of the Third Maj is, above all else, the safety and protection of his people. This post also elevates him to a position within the Monc Elder Council that allows him to discuss matters that would otherwise be difficult given cultural norms. Monc elders are revered in their society, and their wisdom cherished as the ultimate fortune. War, however, tends to be more suited to a young Monc, and therefore a shrewd break in tradition is made for the good of all.