Dasso is a Nolac brew reserved for special occasions. It has an unusually smooth front end with a surprising bite that defies its gentle, malty, buttery notes. Compared to alcoholic beverages made by the other races, it takes very little Dasso to lay out even the most self-professed drunk. Even the legendary constitution of the Bloksus is overcome by a few mugs of this potent drink.

The use of the Lashova plant in the production of this ale-type beverage gives some clue to its punch. The plant is critical in the removal of microscopic bacteria and such from the Nolac’s underground water reservoirs. It also has an odd ability for a peculiar type of photosynthesis even in the depths of caves, using reflected light. There’s no telling exactly what goes on when a plant with these properties is allowed to ferment…a process which requires many, many months. The chemistry that purifies the water is apparently still active when the Lashova is dead, thus preventing the fermenting agent itself from accomplishing its goal. This chemical interaction also has an effect in speeding the alcohol through the bloodstream of those who consume it.

Dasso can potentially kill by alcohol poisoning, but it is far more likely the drinker will pass out well before taking in a lethal quantity of the drink… Drinking Dasso is an odd “safety precaution,” and one that is abused when it becomes available. Munching on a non-fermented Lashova root, however, will destroy the beneficial bacteria in our colons and potentially kill by way of dehydration (diarrhea). As with many exotic foodstuffs, one has to wonder who thought of eating or drinking something with such potentially deadly consequences…