The ancient ballista is an improved “hurling engine” for long distance delivery of various munitions. The classical catapult has superior range, but the ballista’s giant crossbow mechanism offers a substantial benefit to accuracy. In the case of Muties, we’re fortunate their “bolts” are relatively primitive in aerodynamic considerations. In order to wield these siege engines effectively, the ballistas are married to the backs of what appear to be smaller versions of the monolithic beast Erebos rides when leaving the confines of A’Raf. I’ve come to call Erebos’ “throne carrier” Nocturna Suppression Anomilae (“Anomaly Nightmare”), so these ballista creatures are nametd Nocturna Suppression Tantillus Anomilae (“Little Anomaly Nightmare”).

The “Nightmare Mounts” are similar in all metrics but size.

The functional ballista unit (or “trinity”) of crossbow, mount and rider is called a “Fist of Erebos.” The symbolism is obvious, and the weapon is not to be taken lightly. The extensive layering of armor protecting the mount, and the severe trajectory needed to hit the ballista shooter so high above the ground, render direct attacks of these elements difficult, if not impossible. Archers are trained to focus their efforts on the “driver” of the mount and the “small nightmare’s” eyes. The only other attack vector that has shown any success is tricking the creatures into a pit or tripwire, thus disabling the “Fist.”