“Wisdom is the ultimate currency, for it enables enlightenment, democracy and survival.”
- Monc Proverb

The Monc Elder Triad, also called the Tel’Madir, is composed of the most knowledgeable of the Monc Elder Council. The entire history of the Moncs is known by the Tel’Madir, and their decisions based on these past accounts have guided the Moncs through countless wars, famines and natural disasters that devastated other races. Everything from perfecting the active camouflage used by the most disciplined Monc warriors to the current form of government enjoyed by their people is credited to the Elder Council over the ages, as led by the Tel’Madir.

Membership to the Tel’Madir is not solely based on age. Nominees are selected by the full Elder Council but are only installed if the whole of the Monc population wills it so. The same process is used in the selection of the Third Maj, though every Maj is assigned their post based solely on their merits as a war leader.