Race: Kindred
Etymology: n/a
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Slavemaster

Muties by nature enjoy the thrill of the hunt and savor the messy destruction of their enemy (and sometimes, one another). However, there are times when slaves are taken as a labor force or objects of entertainment. The two terms are sometimes interchangeable. The one called on to humiliate and break the will of such unlucky individuals is a Mutie known as Mogg.

Mogg’s legendary cowardice has relegated him to the role of “nursemaid” (albeit a cruel one) to prisoners of war. Despite the authority over those under his watch, he is viewed as little more than an irritant by those who take-up the blade against the enemy… Not just the weakened leftovers of a crushed enemy.

Mogg will immediately retreat when a clear numerical advantage is not apparent. On more than one occasion, he has been the sole survivor of carefully laid ambushes set by the other races. He has rightly earned the nickname, “The Sandsnake,” for his ability to elude death or capture. This knack for survivability is the only quality about him that gets any respect. It is nearly mythical.

Captured Muties, while terrified to speak of Erebos or the Twins, will rage endlessly against Mogg or being forced to obey him. A common theme: serving under Mogg is a fast track to one’s pointless demise. An interesting thought considering a Mutie’s frequent disregard for personal safety. Periodic contact with the Seamerchants to the west has raised suspicions that Mogg may be at the center of a vast slave trade. Is Mogg truly as stupid as he first appears? Erebos is said to have Mogg on a short leash, which makes this unlikely. But as I’m fond of saying, what is highly unlikely here on Anomaly is just as likely.

Truth, however, is a commodity that is in rare supply. At least there is something of home in that regard!