Race: Gigantus
Etymology: n/a
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Mate to Ghronk, slave (to Muties)

Matta was captured with Ghronk and used as the ultimate bargaining tool on the handful of occasions the other Gigantus appeared ready to fight back. It is a considerable feat given how most Gigantus would sooner die than commit violence, save to protect their family. If not for that fact, the outcome would likely be quite different. Despite their position as taskmaster, the Muties separated Ghronk from Matta as an added precaution to ensure compliance from both… Ghronk explained that the Muties filled his mind with false stories about the state of the other. He said they were lying.

I asked how he could know.

Ghronk gave me a bemused look as his craggy face broke into a brimming smile. Teeth the size of ivory cinder blocks rode atop a massive jaw and spotted gumline. The whole of his mouth was seated beneath a leathery lip with a rather curious patina. “Gigantus know when other gone.” He thumped a meaty fist gently against his enormous chest. The sound seemed to echo within it.
Urz would later explain to me that the Gigantus, while not as “sophisticated” (my word, not hers—there was no direct translation for the term she used) as many other races, is the model of fealty from which all are inspired. The ability to know the state of their mate is derived from the Gigantus’ own search for The One. Before departing, Ghronk shared a story he heard as a child. It was eerily similar to The People’s own past involving the philosopher, Dlotinus. “Gigantus purest of heart,” Ghronk would begin. “Ghronk and Matta,” he’d pause, then interlock his fingers and hold them towards me. “One.”
The pain in his eyes was evident. And while I am a bit beside myself to say it, Matta must be some kind of gal to have earned the devotion of this big lug.