Race: The People
Etymology: Celtic for “sea”
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Master Archer

Lir used to be known amongst the Muties as “Death Rain.” A Gray by birth, Lir was sought by young Caderyn to join the Reds for his then forward -thinking design of powerful bows currently employed by The People. He is also the chief architect of the tactics and strategies in the use of this new technology (by Anomaly standards) in battle. Such studies include firing from a moving mount as well as the “Death Rain” the Muties fear. The latter involved a carefully choreographed sequence of release and calculated arcs of engagement to allow a relatively small band of archers to land a “wall of arrows” at once. The attack was devastating in effect and had an extended psychological effect most Muties never fully recovered from.

Lir taught Caderyn mastery of the bow and, upon his becoming Battle Lord, personally saw to it that Aodh’s competency was at least equal to that of her father.

As he aged, Lir's vision slowly eroded. Had it not been for his ability to teach through words, if not by action, Lir would have likely chosen to be “put down” like some unwanted dog so as to not be a burden to the rest of The People and their limited resources. I suspect there was some measure of Caderyn looking upon the older man as something of a father figure. However, even at face value, The People all speak of Lir with an honorific tone. None can put a number to the number of lives he’s saved through his inventions and brilliant mind despite his failing sight. Only Aodh uses a forked tongue when speaking to him. A cruel joke that the other takes in stride while demanding that if he’s to be kept alive, that he continue to work in some useful function for his society. When not training young archers, he busies himself in what many might consider “woman’s work” whether it is fetching water or helping in the harvest. Some may see this as the loss of pride, but Lir makes each act one of highest integrity and worthy of his every fiber. He will fetch water faster than others tasked to do so. He will harvest more if set beside those far better versed to the task by trade.

It is in direct opposition for our culture’s pursuit of wealth for the sole purpose of self-indulgence and the avoidance of work. Perhaps it is this quality Caderyn sought to keep forward in the minds of those whose safety is directly affected by their readiness for battle and determination to do what must be done for the whole.

Lir described the condition that led him to remand himself of direct battle duties. His description was very close to “floaters,” or tiny specs that appear in bright light conditions…or…that of this desert we now call home. While we can’t treat the source, retinal detachment or some other traumatic condition would not be unheard of given this lifestyle, I managed to cobble together a directional screen that would limit the light that would enter his eyes. Think ridiculously crude polarized sunglasses. Lir was delighted to find the effect removed most of these floaters to where he could differentiate between target or “figment of his imagination.” While his vision is still not what he said it used to be…the man is rather old…the use of my makeshift invention has returned him to the rank of top archer, much to the chagrin of Aodh! As Lir did with her, she takes the reversal of fortunes and newfound guff of the older man in stride with the unspoken, ongoing “joke” between them. The joy in Aodh’s eyes seeing her mentor’s return of status is real. She does her best to hide it from his revitalized vision, though smart money says she’s been less than successful. There is always a small lift to the corner of Lir’s mouth when his “condescending” words are met with exaggerated grace in reply.