The history between the Moncs and The People is one written in the blood of both…
No one can say with certainty how many lives have been lost in the ages-old conflict between them. All each group knows is that the other is their sworn enemy, never to be trusted, and never to be approached except with the leading edge of their blade. Their children are not raised so much to hate as they are to simply kill the other.

Fewer still know how the otherwise “civilized” nations of Moncs and The People started down this vicious blood feud. Elders from The People recall hearing tales of how the Moncs slayed Dlotinus when he went into the Great Desolation to seek The One and share his message with “the black-hearted monsters.” The rumor that he was killed on a mission of peace to the Moncs infuriated the Clans. The Moncs always maintained they had no hand in Dlotinus’ final disappearance from the lands. They insisted that Dlotinus was received by them with open arms, and that he left after opening the hearts of the Moncs.

The People still sought retribution for what they deemed the murder of their greatest warrior and spiritual leader. The Moncs in turn demanded blood for having been blamed for such a vile act…

The irony of this conflict lies in the enhanced fighting know-how of both races… If The People or the Moncs were so single-mindedly opposed to any other race, that race might be extinct, today. However, both The People and the Moncs learned, adapted and became deadlier with each encounter. They have been honed by devastating combat into the mightiest warriors of Anomaly. Only the recent rise of the unified Muties has posed a challenge to either on the battlefield.