The Uaine (Village of the Green Clan) is located about a day’s travel southeast of the Rua (Village of the Red Clan). It is the home and primary training grounds for those specializing in the healing arts. Aine is known to spend a good deal of time at the Uaine sharing her latest discoveries and refining the skills (both herbal as well as mystical) of practitioners at all levels. Her visits are preceded by messengers spanning out from the Rua to reach all the Clans that their healers may be in attendance at the Uaine when she arrives.

The Green Clan works closely with the Grey Clan (focused on agriculture) to ensure critical medicinal plants are grown (or acquired) and distributed in adequate quantities to the other Clans. Both the Greens and Greys have built their villages along the shores of the Talamh Craic (“Ground Rain”) River, one of the few threads of surface fresh water that feeds this area not from underground wells. This arrangement also expedites the timely transport of crops and medicinals, which can lose potency quickly in these harsh climes. The extracts and emulsions created from these materials are formulated to deal with everything from basic infections to wounds that would prove fatal even to intermediate Conglomerate medicine. Where the Greens are particularly sensitive is knowing at what point beneficial plant materials turn toxic to the user.

The devil is in the details… (And I say again, THE Devil lives in A’Raf.)

Cadmael is the First Blade of the Greens. He is also Caderyn’s older brother who left the Reds when he was passed over as Battle Lord following Ihsos (which killed the rest of their family and left the Reds in tatters). Sibling rivalry is suspected in Cadmael’s departure. It was for the best. Over time, Cadmael became one of the most capable healers of the Greens. Coupled with his skill with the sword, it was entirely logical they made him First Blade of the Clan.

Our good Doctor Nika has been exceptionally curious about these plants and how they are processed. She sees them as the new shares rush when we make it off this rock. It is difficult not to laugh at her childlike optimism. Pure biologist’s conceit or keeping the faith, who can say? Anything that gives us a moment to catch our breath and relax is welcomed by all.

The giant distorted skull that adorns the front gate of the Uaine is that of a Shimmer Serpent. It is a reminder that death is always looking down upon them, and thus due caution should always be exercised. In reality, the bleached remains were found when the region’s main waterways shifted or receded outright. Large aquatic creatures such as this Shimmer Serpent were cut off from their aquatic habitats and eventually perished as their lakes and swamps dried up.

Life only returned when the Talamh Craic established itself as a landmark in these parts.