Mutie strategy is to simply attack until the enemy is without breath…or the Muties themselves are a decomposing addition to the landscape. Erebos brought common sense to the pox of Muties, and with it a newfound lethality.

Over the last few years, a pattern of attack was documented by Monc and People alike. Erebos hurled his forces against the enemy in “waves,” with his most competent combatants at the rear. Most opponents never see hand-to-hand fighting with his main forces as they are mauled by the first wave…the Charge of the Gigantus.

The Gigantus are as powerful as they are peaceful. There are few things known to drive a Gigantus to violence, but they are easily enslaved and rarely question orders. The vast majority of races (except for Moncs and Breeds) typically keep a few Gigantus about for labor duties.

Erebos gave rise to a new kind of terror by arming captive Gigantus with rigs of sharpened Zkiel trees and charging them en masse at the enemy. The psychological effect of a giant spiked wall approaching is nothing compared to being impaled by one. Those fortunate enough to survive the initial gouging must then avoid being trampled by the flurry of Gigantus feet immediately after. Distance weapons are ineffective against the Gigantus’ tough hides. By the time they can effectively penetrate known soft points, it is too late.

To date, no army has given the charge of the Gigantus a moment’s pause.