Race: Gigantus
Etymology: n/a
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Slave (to Muties)

Ghronk, as with most of his kind, is a kind and gentle soul. His race is all too often captured and enslaved by the Muties for hard labor…or worse. Fact is, they are often captured by numerous races for that same purpose. The People have lent some measure of humanity to their treatment, though to call them less than a slave depends on one’s definition of the term. Ghronk has become a favorite target of Mogg given how the latter delights in the substantial size difference and exerting absolute control over the formidable Gigantus. For all his monstrous size and hardened appearance, Ghronk would not step on a blade of grass if he thought it might feel pain.
We first ran into Ghronk as fellow travelers (read: slaves to the Muties) upon our arrival on Anomaly. It was handily the least pleasant experience of my life, though it reminded us all that things are not always what they seem on this world…or in most places, for that matter. The very mission which stranded us here, for example…

Our “freedom” was purchased at the business end of Caderyn’s blade, and it is through this event I’ve come to commit these thoughts to writing. Ghronk often speaks of his mate, Matta. He does so with a heart that is without doubt far heavier than his substantial physical bulk. I’m sure they are a lovely couple and it is my hope they will one day be reunited.
Gigantus take on a single mate for life and rarely seek another even if their mate passes. It is a remarkable practice, especially to us. Marriage under The Conglomerate has become trivial, a means of wealth transference mechanism and little more. In many cases, a Gigantus’ mate is captured but kept close in order to coerce the other (usually the male) into willful work. Ghronk is different in that he's physically separated from Matta yet still adheres to the “rules of capture” rather than going into a rage and seeking his mate as is typical of his kind. With the exception of The People and Muties, few possess the weapons or numbers to down an infuriated Gigantus. None can do so without suffering substantial losses of their own.