Length: ~50 m
Width: ~18 m
Height: ~24 m
Weight: Unknown
Speed: Approx. Unknown
Habitat: Underground cavern system below A’Raf
Anatomical Features: Massive size and power. Bony, dual-pronged tail (weapon). Steel-like skin.
Feeding Habits: Unknown

Nocturna Suppression Anomilae, more commonly known as “The Nightmare,” is just that. A nightmare. If one ever wondered what a mountain or building might look like with legs, they had their wish granted when Erebos brought this behemoth with him to the Battle of the Demon Spine. The Moncs had hoped to attack A’Raf from two directions, from the south and the east. Unbeknownst to Erebos, the Moncs had built an observation post in the Demon Spine mountain range’s westernmost peaks, gathering what information they could from this distance. The attack was an abysmal failure. Monc battalions could not advance past the Thanatos River’s hellish fires as the Muties provided an unusually robust defense in the form of endless waves of suicide fighters streaming from A’Raf like water.

Some measure of success was had in the eastern front when assault ramps were successfully placed across the Thanatos. That’s when The Nightmare…with Erebos comfortably situated in his throne atop his pet…met them almost singlehandedly. No one had before seen this…thing…of such enormity. Erebos took full advantage of their shock, ordering his pet to do as he wished in a blood rage that cost the Moncs dearly. The Moncs retreated and their outpost was destroyed soon thereafter.

What we know of The Nightmare is that it is big and deceptively fast for a monster of its dimensions. There are many older Moncs who remember witnessing many of their companions being stomped or gored by The Nightmare. It is named as much for its appearance as it is for the terrible memories gifted to any who have faced it and lived to tell the tale. Beyond its physical description, very little is known of the species. Even less is known of this particular animal…where it comes from…how it eluded detection for so long… So many questions to which there are no answers.