Race: Unknown
Etymology: Greek for “darkness / mythical offspring of Chaos”
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Leader of Kindred (“Muties” to all outside Kindred society)

The Kindred (“Muties” to the rest of us) appear to have developed within the same time span as the other races we’ve cataloged. They defy conventional species homogeneity with a physiological diversity that flies in the face of accepted genetic limiters. Interspecies breeding, forced or otherwise, rarely result in viable offspring…much less non-sterile offspring. The Muties are the majority shareholder of this world’s collected hatred, and their numbers were said to be in decline until an estimated two decades before our arrival. A new central figure was thought to have taken leadership over the previously leaderless Muties… one who has found the means to coordinate an otherwise fragmented society. That leader now has a name: Erebos.

Erebos eluded detection for many seasons, but the sudden streak of Mutie battle victories hinted at a “directed intelligence” among them. Someone capable of galvanizing mass coordinated action from the usually violent, individual efforts of the Mutie hordes. Dozens lost their lives trying to discover the identity of the person (or persons) responsible for the dangerous rise of the Mutie threat. A savagely beaten Monc spy captured by the People revealed this new leader as “Erebos”. This information led to one of a few diplomatic exchanges between the Moncs and the People in recent memory as both sides took unusually high casualties at the hands of Mutie packs led by Erebos… Packs now swelling in size and confidence. The Shakifrit Treaty, completed through Dagda and the Monc Seer, Urz, gave both sides an honorable means to cease hostilities between themselves and eliminate Muties who may be lying in wait to ambush the weakened victor. That Erebos attempted (but failed) to strike an alliance with the Monc Moj (war chief), Trakax, was seen as a major turning point in the ongoing conflict.

What was once a purely physical enemy had become an intellectual one as well. Dagda sadly mused at the irony of an increased Mutie threat saving both People and Monc lives. She thought it should have been up to the warriors to see the futility of their feud through seeking The One. Mutie prisoners display absolute fear when they speak of Erebos…if at all... Most are unable to even utter the name, as if he were somehow able to affect them from his stronghold, A’raf, located several days’ travel away. Muties have even taken their own lives rather than beg for mercy or face capture. Whoever…or whatever… Erebos is, they clearly rule through mortal terror. Another disturbing rumor is that he can kill with his mind.

At one time, this might have been written off as a Mutie falsehood. Dagda warned not to discount these stories out of hand. Jon has since shared some parts of his visions during his test to become Battle Lord. He claims to have “seen” Erebos, and could sense a power in him that makes the skin crawl. He felt he could sense Erebos’ mind reaching out to him. Seems the Muties have good reason to fear and obey.
How do you stop something that can kill you with a thought? Is a being that can do such a thing even mortal?

A final bit of data for your consideration…
While I cannot prove it (the forensic evidence is decades gone and my lab equipment lightyears away), my attempts to chronicle the recent histories of Anomaly have brought to mind a dark possibility. Erebos may have played a role in the Monc ambush from Caderyn’s youth. This is not something I have shared with anyone at this time, nor will I until there is evidence to prove or disprove what both sides would find sheer lunacy at face value. The concurrent timing of events… The approximate first appearance of Erebos. The rise of the Kindred. The Monc ambush at Ihsos Pass…

If I’ve learned nothing else during our time on Anomaly, it is that the highly improbable oftentimes proves the most probable.