Towering above everyone at a staggering 6-9m from ground to shoulder, Drogduni (“Drog” for short) are the most intimidating of all “humanoid” formed species. No one is sure where they came from or how they live. The Gigantus refer to them as their “dumber big brothers,” which offers a possible shared origin. Then again, the Gigantus will also call an 800kg boulder “not heavy,” so this should be taken with a grain of comparative salt. Data of the behemoths are drawn exclusively from or around the field of battle against the Mutie war machine.

Some reasonable judgments, taken at a safe distance, are still possible.
For one, Drogduni appear to be purely instinctual creatures. Wholly animalistic and displaying no perceivable intelligence despite their bipedal form factor. Smart or stupid, what goes on between a Drog’s massive ears does nothing to mitigate the physical danger they pose to anyone who stands in opposition to their Mutie taskmasters. Tremendous strength, incredible endurance and a primitive shunt to ignore pain are the hallmarks of this animal. The darker side of my logical brain can’t help but think this brute was designed to fight.

The only thing more treacherous than a healthy Drog is a wounded one. A badly injured creature is as likely to lash out at their Mutie handlers as their supposed adversaries.

Targeting of the eyes is the preferred distance tactic dealing with these beasts. However, even the best archers find the shot nearly impossible. The Drog defending itself notwithstanding, it will for certain be in constant motion. The shooter must be on a moving steed to close the distance that will allow the arrow to find its mark...with any hope of living to tell the tale. The Drog’s eyelids are also thick enough to stop critical penetration of the eye by even the heaviest of bows. Such a half-strike serves only to enrage the monster. A successful (or near-successful) strike has the effect of a small bomb. The Drog will fall back on its base instincts to lash out at everything near it, oblivious to whom or what they are actually killing. This is the preferred encounter with the creature rather than having it dutifully focused on us as its targets.

Some enterprising Muties attempted to shield the Drog’s eyes to minimize the effectiveness of this strategy. The result was a near-blind killing machine that did not require a pinhole of an archery shot…and many, many Mutie deaths. The experiment was never repeated.