Dagda, spiritual leader of The People and a direct descendent of Dlotinus, is the guardian of Turas…and the Aisling Table (sometimes called “the Aisling”) within it.

The Aisling is a mystic stone slab with the power to enhance the reach of a practiced Seer’s visions. No one, including Dagda, fully understands how or why the Aisling works. Whatever the mechanism, only advanced disciples of The One experience any increase of their visions. Amplification of other abilities such as healing has not been observed.

A would-be Battle Lord is subject to final blessing by Dagda before taking their post. The victor of the Challenge requires the linking of minds with her in what is loosely translated as the “Trial of Conviction.” Exactly what or how this transpires is known only to Dagda, her daughter Aine and a freshly minted Battle Lord (survivor).

It was during a session on the Aisling where Dlotinus is thought to have first had visions of the “stranger from the stars” who would forge the races of Anomaly into one.