Some 300 summers before the first year of Caderyn’s rule, a mystic philosopher and seer was born to The People. His name was Dlotinus.

Dlotinus was the first born son of Euederyn, the Battle Leader of his day, and whose reputation Caderyn seeks to emulate. As it is said, Dlotinus’ mind would frequently wander, seemingly incapable of paying attention to the tasks set before him. He was nevertheless victorious in all the fierce contests of war skills which are the hallmark of The People.

He was a fierce warrior and possessed a battlefield intuition that bordered on the supernatural, seemingly “reading the minds” of his enemies and vanquishing them in short order. Dlotinus’ skill with the sword was only matched by his passion for math and the natural sciences. He was constantly fashioning mechanisms to be used in daily life as well as implements of war…and he did so always with an eye to maintaining the careful order that nature had provided to them.

In the midst of a particularly brutal campaign against the Kindred, Dlotinus found himself separated from his Clan, stranded and what has come to be known as “the Desolation.” When he emerged from the bleak, unforgiving desert weeks later, he did so a very different man. What event or events changed him, and why he was changed, has been lost to the mists of time. He sheathed his sword one final time and took up the role of teacher and healer… A seeker of the great truths to our existence… The fateful battle that left him alone in the seas of sand was the first step for the philosophy of The One coming to the lands with Dlotinus as its voice.

His disappearance after visiting the Moncs was the flashpoint for the generations-old blood feud between the Moncs and The People.