Race: Kindred
Etymology: Greek for “fear / terror”
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Kindred Warlord

Deimos is the ever-present shadow of his brother, Damianos; iron bludgeon at his side, and the hurricane of violence at his back. Where Damianos inspires savagery by terrorizing the flesh, Deimos feeds allegiance by terrorizing the mind: Fear of defying the Twins… Fear of defying Erebos… Fear of failure that crushes any fear of the enemy. To survive is to obey, and to die is preferable to returning to Deimos in defeat. Together, the two are the “perfect emissaries of darkness”.

Some believe Erebos forged the Twins as a reflection of himself: of the body and of the mind.

There are few things that can get into the head of a Mutie and suppress their primitive urges. Deimos has discovered all of them. Legions under Deimos’ control are as disciplined in combat as any other race. That so many are allowed to fall is as likely for Deimos’ entertainment as any sort of combat strategy. The real world tactical skills of the average Mutie pales in comparison to the likes of the People, but Muties possess an advantage in their total disregard for self-preservation and teeming physical numbers.

Interrogations of prisoners are believed to be Deimos’ secondary responsibility. Liberated prisoners from Mutie stockades shared stories that made the Gaerdelok abuses endured by our Enforcers a paradise by comparison. Brutal “techniques” are said to be created and often executed by Deimos himself. The rescues were led by Caderyn and I take him at his word. Gaerdelok. The worst of it, and some beyond. That is all that need be said. It is unclear whether each brother functions independently of the other or as a team, but a “friendly competition” is known to exist between them.

The game?

Whose hordes score a higher enemy body count, of course. It is said there is no honor among murderers. I disagree. Deimos, and his brother Damianos, swear absolute fealty to their sovereign, Erebos, as well as to one another. Together they form a Triad of Death unlike any other.