Race: Mutie
Etymology: Greek for “to tame / subdue / kill”
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Mutie Warlord

Previously known only as half the terror team called “the Twins,” the name Damianos (and brother Deimos) came to light after a particularly ferocious assault on a Monc enclave. The encounter concluded with a handful of severely wounded elders left alive to spread word of the one responsible for the attack. All but two of the Moj (Monc war chiefs) were lost in the battle. One of the Moj was Ra’Khol. A raspy-voiced and wise soul, he is revered by the Moncs as a survivor. Ra’Khol sees his place in Monc society as a stark reminder that none will forget the evil of the Muties, and Damianos in particular.

We’ve observed Damianos in a handful of skirmishes. A massively proportioned Mutie, his speed and balance are comparable to the People, and his strength with the Monc. Damianos’ strength is considerable, as dangerous with his hands as he is with his spiked warhammer…a tool he maneuvers as easily as a light sword. Damianos is a whirling dervish in the midst of a battlefield and he leaves every one littered with his victims. It is of little surprise that Muties under his command will fight to the death unless retreat is so ordered. That Damianos exercises the whit to withdraw at all is a point of concern among the races. There is intelligence beneath the cruel exterior of Erebos’ demon commander- the most dangerous sort of enemy.

Damianos is believed to be one of two active lieutenants serving Erebos. His duties include planning and battle execution. He prefers to be at the forefront of a fight rather than safely behind lesser ranks. All attempts to assassinate him have failed.

Damianos remains among the most hated and feared of the Kindred hordes outside Erebos himself.