Race: The People
Etymology: Celtic for
“god of knowledge
and magic”
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Seer of The People

Dagda, to whom I owe much for her sharing of The People’s history, holds a very special place in this world. She is the eldest Master in the teachings of The One among The People and is considered their spiritual leader. She is revered, respected and in some cases, rightly feared. Whereas the Battle Lord’s rule is to enforce its people’s laws, Dagda is both teacher and interpreter of The Law.

Her powers of prophecy have guided those over whom she watches through many difficult years and proven her abilities are not the blind adoption of faith or philosophy. Among such predictions was that of the Crying Skies, where the lower basins of the region were flooded for three straight years. Because of her premonition, The People had already relocated to an area several spans higher than their ancestral valleys, easily surviving what would otherwise have been a catastrophe. (I have confirmed this event with other elders of The People…and I think Dagda knows I did. It is by her good graces I continue to pen these words without any ill retribution for my investigative “trust but verify” mindset… There are many other storied visions Dagda had shared to the benefit of The People including that of Desolation’s Reach (where severe droughts expanded the desert across once fertile lands). The tale of Trakax’s Betrayal is legendary. Dagda faced the Maj Council alone to warn them of their leader’s secret attempts for a Mutie alliance. The truth eventually surfaced and Trakax was executed. The resulting Shakifrit Treaty called for the immediate cessation of hostilities between Moncs and The People if Muties are found in the area. Their gift for the ambush of greatly weakened forces was a very real concern. It also left no one unattended to conspire with the Muties.

The idea of a full blown melee, stopping to cooperatively hunt the offending Muties, then returning to destroying one another is…difficult to fathom. I have seen it happen twice with my own eyes before Jon convinced them to lay down their arms for good. It would seem honor is stronger than hate with these peoples…

The most intriguing of her recent prophecies are those that speak of a savior who will come to The People and whose actions on this world will reverberate across the stars like ripples in a lake. Based on her actions, we figure she meant Jon…though exactly how we’ll return to the stars remains a mystery. It also brings on a deep sense of home sickness. The extent of Dagda’s abilities as both healer and seer are unknown, even to Dagda herself.

All of the sentient races we’ve encountered on Anomaly have followers of The One except the Muties. Among each is a Dagda-like figure that teaches about The One, but does not necessarily carry the same respect she does. Such prevalence of the same philosophies almost makes me believe this Dlotinus did walk the deserts of this angry planet…

Masters who have achieved the power of prophecy are easy to identify by their dual colored eyes. The actual change and colors vary, but the clear irises tend to take on a tincture of cloudy, somewhat metallic quality when channeling their powers. I’m told it is a physical manifestation of “peering into a realm not of our own”. Whatever the reasoning, the physical manifestation is well documented in each race’s history, and sought among the young that their training can begin as early as possible.

Dagda is present at all council proceedings where her blessings and direction are sought. Her words are carefully weighed before any action is taken, and she speaks bluntly to avoid any “misunderstandings” or “advantageous interpretations” not in the interest of the greater good. If Caderyn is the fist and sword of The People, Dagda is akin to its soul and knowledge. Rumors exist of her ability to “kill with a gaze”. Dagda herself laughed softly and dismissed such talk as superstitious gossip. I personally would not doubt it, but have no desire to find out. Dagda’s chuckle is as disconcerting as her silent glare when irritated... After all, the woman rarely so much as cracks a smile.