Length: 2.47 m
Width: 0.34 m
Height: 1.78 m
Weight: 225.31 kg
Speed: 42.52 km/h
Habitat: Variable. Preference for arid, unusually warm climates.
Anatomical Features: Bipedal reptilian. Quadruped with the ability to run on hind legs for short distances. Defensive spikes at first and last cervical vertebrae of neck. Offensive “spiked paddle” at end of tail.
Feeding Habits: Nocturnal carnivore with preference for tough meats it can use its tail to bludgeon (as an activity of amusement).

The Gradaniok is the evolutionary simpleton of the fully bipedal Etaniok, both in physical form as well as intelligence. The Gradaniok possesses more “classical lizard” features, albeit on a dinosaur-sized scale, with legs that keep its center of gravity low, and its snapping jaws close at the height of its standard prey. There is ample evidence to suggest these monsters do not have the most acute sense of sight, but the armored “ridges” that protrude down the equator of the body are thought to be infrared receptors which allow it to hunt in the cave systems in and around A’Raf. Moncs had long ago learned a sharp blow even with a fist to one of these “ridges” could severely disorient a Gradaniok, suggesting its equilibrium mechanisms are somehow related to them.

The Gradaniok is an impressive hunter in the open, even in the total absence of light, but can be easily avoided if one can shield their entire body behind a solid object the creature is familiar with. It wields the tail in anger or on command, taking full advantage of its lanky body and able to keep an eye on its target while keeping its face far away from retaliatory strikes. It is especially dangerous when it assumes a “horseshoe” or “u-shape” posture. When its dagger-like teeth and spiked club are attacking simultaneously, it’s as if one is fighting two distinct enemies rather than one.
Survival Tactics:

As with the Etaniok, this “stupid strong” version of the Mutie’s favorite guardbeast can be easily avoided by not getting anywhere near A’Raf. If you do, however, it is wise to note where one can conceal themselves lest they need to fight their way out of a bad situation.