Nolacs, also known as “Cave Demons,” are the most rarely seen, universally feared race on Anomaly. Few have faced a Nolac in combat and lived to tell the tale. No Mutie has ever made such a claim. They are fearsome giants. The stuff of nightmares. The only things more disturbing than a sword-wielding Nolac are the legends surrounding this fabled race.

It is said that a Nolac can appear out of thin air. We’ve since learned that this is an exaggeration of their ability to burrow through solid rock and move silently across Anomaly. How this is accomplished…and how it is done so quietly…is still a mystery. Despite their physical advantage over most races, Nolacs prefer to ambush their enemies by setting traps. They are also known to strike from the most unlikely places, sending their rivals scrambling for safety away from the lands claimed by the silent giants.

A favorite Nolac tactic is to lead their enemies into dead-end canyons or other shallow valleys. Depending on the nature of the threat, Nolac warriors may appear from invisible “doors” carved into the rock itself, or the entire floor of solid earth may suddenly crumble beneath the feet of unsuspecting prey. These “Demon Quakes,” as The People call them, have no known survival techniques beyond avoiding the situation altogether. We recently experienced a small tremor in the Rua. Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and drew their weapons. Most stared at the ground around them, others at the nearest rocky wall. Despite our best efforts to allay their fears by assuring them it's a natural planetary occurrence, none took these words to heart, fearing a Nolac might magically appear from the ether.