Race: The People
Etymology: Celtic for “war chieftain”
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Chief of the Green Clan and elder brother of Caderyn

Cadmael, along with his younger brother, Caderyn, was among the handful to survive the Ihsos Pass ambush set by the Moncs many summers ago. Caderyn embraced his destiny, drawing strength from the terrible day to become one of the most accomplished Battle Lords in The People's long history. Cadmael withdrew, seeking to distance himself from the painful memory...and to a larger degree the warrior’s duty of The People itself...

Many were quick to label Cadmael a coward. Caderyn himself refused to pass judgment on his brother, allowing time to bring the man around or to prove his detractors right. As the wars with the Moncs and Muties wore on, most chose to leave Cadmael’s fate to history. After all, who were they to say anything? They were not at Ihsos...and the losses were clearly great. Those who felt otherwise kept their feelings private out of respect for Caderyn.

As the Reds once again rose to prominence, it became clear the order of ascension to Clan Leader would not be granted by age or relationship to the former Battle Lord (Caderyn and Cadmael’s father, Caedmon). Clan elders and warriors alike unanimously chose Caderyn to be the one who would carry the warrior clans forward. The decision was never in question since that fateful day, and Cadmael had long since left the Reds. He was accepted into the Greens to learn the healing arts. Some looked upon this departure as sheer cowardice, others as a political maneuver. Aine (Dagda's daughter) was known to seek the company of the Greens in order to teach them what could be learned given the follower's progress in seeking The One. ??what does this section mean?? Time would prove Cadmael’s wielding of the mortar and pestle superior to his wielding of the sword, not that he was ever considered incompetent with scores of weapons...none of The People truly are...

Cadmael’s skills in his new calling were such that the Green’s made him their Clan Chief. A move that honored his skills, but also brought him into much more frequent contact with Caderyn, who had by now been elevated by The People as Battle Lord to all the clans. By now, Caderyn clearly felt a degree of estrangement from the brother who “fled the warrior's call.”

Whatever he felt by way of blood, Caderyn maintained the necessary (albeit somewhat forced) neutrality demanded of his new post.