Neacal is one of the legendary Crown of Serpents…a collection of six swords fashioned over a lifetime by the great weaponsmith, Padraic, and gifted to the clan leaders of The People of his time. Of the six, Neacal was considered his greatest work. Neacal is only wielded by The People’s Battle Lord, and it has seen countless battles in its generations of service. The other races can identify Neacal by sight and have since come to call it by the nickname, “Sand Dragon.”

Most of the Crown’s “arms” have been lost in battle. Neacal and Séú Nathdrack (held by Aodh as First Blade of the Red Clan) are the only known to remain in existence.

Blacksmiths have studied these blades for centuries trying to unlock the secret of their creation… Despite centuries of clashes of metal on metal, bone and earth, neither Neacal nor Séú Nathdrack has ever been sharpened.