The biodiversity of Tel’Forae is shocking, even for Anomaly. Among the countless species, both micro and macro, is a family of butterfly-like insects called Khor’na by the Moncs.

All Khor’na have brightly colored wings that look more like flowers than they do insects. Many have reflective bodies that swirl with every color imaginable. These creatures flourish in these predator-infested forests because they are toxic to consume. It is also nearly impossible to capture the Khor’na, given their highly developed, multi-directional eyes. The Moncs have always admired the simple beauty of these insects and, as a whimsical pastime, will use their camouflaging abilities to catch them.

A curious behavior of the Khor’na is that they becoming catatonic when taken from the borders of Tel’Forae’s shady sanctuary. When absolutely still, they truly look like flowers, and the Moncs delight in their use as decoration for special celebrations. The Khor’na will, regardless of the number in a given area, wake all at once in a day or two and flutter away in an explosion of color that must be experienced at least once. The living cloud of swirling, pulsing light will fly home to Tel’Forae without fail.