Uweza is credited for rallying the survivors of the Mutie assault on the large breed colony northeast of Ter’Forae (ancestral home of the Moncs). The Breeds, being among the most varied of all the races, were easily accepted by the Moncs when asked for sanctuary.

Not much is known of the Breeds in general, but Uweza has taken the time to help expand knowledge of his people to his Monc hosts, and in doing so, to us by proxy… First, what we knew… Breeds are nomadic in nature with very few longer-term villages having been established. This had as much to do with none of the other races accepting their presence (the Moncs being the rare exception), and as such, the formation of the large community which sprang up near Ter’Forae.

Unknown to many, the Moncs had acted as intermediaries in many matters of trade on behalf of this Breed colony. Uweza was the one who reached out and invited Monc Maj and their most proficient scouts to examine their homes to assure them they had no intent of waging war against them. As Jon befriended the Nikdo, the Breeds had become an unofficial channel of desert intelligence for the Moncs.

With the exception of this colony, it is believed Breeds do not speak to anyone but Breeds. Even when captured, they will behave as if mute so they will not betray any knowledge they may have acquired, or of those to whom they belong. It was an effective strategy.