The generic term “Breeds” is used to encompass any and all beings that cannot be categorized into any of the primary racial groups of this world. Not much is known of the Breeds other than that their population is believed to be rather large, and that they coexist as a democratic society in all matters of import. They are not, by disposition, categorized as Muties, choosing instead to live in mixed tribes or independent nomads.

Small caravans or scattered settlements can be found in all but the growing Mutie territories, and they by and large keep to themselves. While generally no greater than five to ten trading wagons in size, it is curious that such units have effortlessly crossed heavily guarded passages without being noticed.

I have often wondered if the Breeds have a pact with the Bloksus for passage through the mountain kingdom. The untrackable Nata Beast can be tracked by a Monc…but a train of Breed wagons can’t? It just doesn’t make sense.