It is a curious thing that the Gigantus have a formal bonding ritual… Once a Gigantus male and female choose one another as a mate, that bond is for life, regardless of any other circumstances. They will never mate with another.

Perhaps it is just the human cynic in me, but any relationship that can possibly survive without the bonds of legality somehow playing a role in its validity just seems…so unlikely…

The Gigantus consider the bonding ritual necessary, despite being mates, before bringing little Gigantuses (do such a thing really exist?) into the world. The elements of the ritual are very close to the weddings of Earth before Share Fusion Agreements -- where one’s worth could ebb and flow between the individuals of a human pairing -- became the norm. The highlights are as follow:

The ritual cannot take place without witnesses to the bonding. The more, the better, as having a large ring of family and friends is considered a good tiding for the bonded. Any and all who are not sworn enemies of the bonding pair are invited to the celebration. All are encouraged to bring their own families, again, to bolster “good luck by numbers.” The reading of the bonding promises is a solemn moment and concluded by a close friend uttering the words, “I pronounce you who once were two as one…”

There’s definitely a greater sense of romance associated with the Gigantus ritual than the sterile tapping of keystrokes by a Conglomerate magistrate minting a new legal couple. Strange to say, and stranger to believe, but no less true.