The Bloksus race is, kilo-for-kilo, the strongest lifting agents known to exist on this world without the use of tools. They can be described in human terms as “dwarven” in stature by Anomaly standards (~2m average). Bloksus are short and squat, but possess huge, squared bodies that allow them to move objects several times their weight. These qualities render them prime candidates as beasts of burden for the other races. Their lack of speed, prevents their entry into the battlespace with the exception of moving heavy weaponry (such as catapults) into position, and with far greater speed than the Gigantus, who are less intelligent and tend to remain unhurried in such matters. Because of their obvious utility, the higher orders of races try to mitigate killing the Bloksus used by an enemy force save for the direst circumstances so that they may be recouped and entered into their service.

The Bloksus truly shines in their ability to lift, move objects of all shapes and sizes weighing several times themselves. In simplest terms, a Bloksus is a large, warm-blooded version of an ant in terms of physical power. Every joint and muscle in these remarkable people seem catered to producing tremendous amounts of directed force, and they have made good on their natural gifts. A handful of villages and trading outposts can be found scattered around this region, but the Bloksus are believed to exist in great numbers tucked safely away in a honeycombed kingdom created within the solid granite mountains to the Northrealms (believed to be the abandoned ancestral home of the tunneling Nolacs). The actual population of the Bloksus therefore remains a matter of speculation. No access points into or around the mountains have ever been found by the most skilled of trackers. Much like the Slow Walkers, the Bloksus appear quite content staying out of much of Anomaly’s turbulent battles for survival.

The Bloksus possess a curious physiology that allows them to biomechanically generate incredible amounts of torque. They are sought by most races as a “resource” for their own physical task needs, but snaring a live Bloksus is a game of happenstance and luck. Most simply vanish into their villages (which can, under the watchful eyes of would-be trappers, become deserted overnight). The Bloksus’ vanishing act is believed to be a skilled combination of misdirection of tracking cues and well-conceived, fabulously well hidden entry points into their vaunted tunnel networks. Even The People have not been able to discern how this is achieved.

It's entirely possible the Nolacs have the answer to this quandary, but no one is crazy enough to approach the "cave demons," and they aren't exactly the talkative types to begin with.

Another application of Bloksus super-torque is their being the only group to regularly tame the assertive, wily Rondo. The two are related. The Jaquassa (the fallen fruit which is prized as catapult ammunition due to its rock-like shell and perfectly smooth, spherical shape that does not veer as it arcs through the air) is inaccessible to all creatures until is ripens enough to fall from its perch. Rondos show a great fondness for the rich, ultra-sweet flesh and, unlike the finest steel blades, able to penetrate the granite-like exterior with their diamond-hard beaks. Bloksus are the only race able to wrench a fresh Jaquassa from the rest of the plant and use it as a training reward for the dodgy Rondo.

The last notable characteristic the Bloksus possess has nothing to do with their incredible powerlifting flair. It is their prodigious thirst for anything containing alcohol. No other race can possibly consume nearly so much as a Bloksus at the end of a day’s hard work. Despite such massive (lethal to human) quantities ingested, they are a long lived people. This suggests the presence of a liver (or other coping mechanisms) that would be the envy of every Conglomerate corporate yes-man.