Ever the polar opposite to the Muties, the war standards held by The People are uniform in shape and cut with the same precision as their maneuvers on the field. Each banner and flag is treated with the same reverence they hold for the clan represented by the markings and colors. Many of these standards have intricate designs woven or dyed into them. Samantha noted The People as a whole did not wear such bright garb and wondered aloud where they acquired them from. Uweza heard her, leaned in close and offered a quick history of the races here on Anomaly. Specifically, that the Slow Walkers and the Moncs were the only races able to dye clothes with such vibrant colors…and until recently, the Moncs weren’t about to give The People anything but death… Samantha shifted uneasily and gave Uweza a cold stare and bitterly mumbled, “You could have just said the Slow Walkers…” The strange, warthog-like snorts of Uweza’s chortle made her face a bright shade of red that would have made a fine banner of its own right. Whether this was embarrassment or anger is anyone’s guess.

The People utilize a system of three standard types. The long, triangular flags are carried by the forward mounted regiments who, with the second tier, tri-tipped flags, offer a coordinate system in formation and in battle