Leimal is a bamboo type plant which grows in the small oases that can be found scattered about the deserts. Unlike typical bamboo types, Leimal cannot grow without literally sitting near a relatively still body of water. This is curious since the plant itself seems to use so little of it.
Leimal stalks are remarkably flexible but can be dried straight if carefully tended in kilns. Some of the early bows created by The People were made from bundled rods of Leimal. They were relatively inefficient, but had enough power for small game hunting. Later recursive designs would make these true combat arms. Leimal is also a popular structural base for small canoes and rooftops offering exceptional rigidity for its weight. The People also have a primitive version of our TOP camps using Leimal assemblies that can be set up and broken down in mere minutes and offer some reprieve from the scorching desert sun.

The Leimal has a variety of uses. It’s most popular is as the base material for The People’s arrow shafts and spears for small prey

They are also used by parents as a menacing threat to disobedient children. The would-be whip is typically introduced with a startling demonstration splitting a melon at a ten paces. Crying typically ensues. Disobedience is curtailed. It should be said this trick only works with young children as the older ones eventually figure out no one has ever been hit by a “Leimal switch.” The parents often lament the passing of such an easy threat of discipline as what comes next is to absorb the hard facts of life; combat and survival on Anomaly.