Race: Monc
Etymology: n/a
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Third Maj
(approximates to “Battle Elder”)

Bal’ka is among the best trained Maj alive, having mastered the “moving camouflage” ability to devastating ends. Bal’ka was heading a broad circumference patrol around the Tel'Mar Dunes when his party was engaged by an unusually large cluster of Muties. One of the Muties, recognizing the Monc, realized the prize they had chanced upon. Bal’ka’s freedom from the Muties came when The People laid a trap of their own and eliminated his keepers.

As a new prisoner of his sworn enemy, his life was only extended until the coming dawn.

Bal’ka’s capture was a tremendous loss to the Monc tribes both as a weapon-wielder of few equals and more importantly, the precious experience he could no longer share with the younger generations. Urz shared that the Maj are a rarity in an otherwise democratic Monc society. To become a Maj, a Monc warrior would have to exhibit not only competency on the battlefield, but earned the faith and loyalty of those they lead. It is the only post where these two qualifications must be met before assuming a role so vital to their survival. It is also for these reasons they carry an unusual level of influence within the Elder Council...many of whom were past Maj themselves.

As the most skilled Maj, Bal’ka’s clout within the Elder Council is substantial. He is their chief protector and engineer of many safeguards that have kept his people relatively safe in the dangerous Tel’Forae. Even The People are not known to explore the massive forests beyond where the light can immediately penetrate the high canopies, and then, only to acquire raw materials (such as wood) or smaller animals. Bal’ka is rumored to have abilities beyond his already impressive dossier, though none would elaborate. Least of all, Bal’ka himself, who is arguably the most amicable of his people.