The Muties were once a ragtag group of independent clans of nomadic killers who subsisted on opportunistic attacks. When no victims could be found, they’d just as soon attack each other, which was a situation welcomed by the other races. They were dangerous, but not like they are today thanks to Erebos’ brutal control over them. As Erebos deposed the handful of Mutie warlords and consolidated power, the Muties' abilities as a unified force grew with each successful battle. Without the internal killing to control their numbers, the Mutie legions swelled. Their conquests stretched far into the yet-unexplored mountain regions north of A’Raf. The Moncs believe this is where the Drogduni were captured and enslaved by the Muties. Drogduni are not seen anywhere other than in Erebos’ service.

The true size of Erebos’ armies remains unknown, but estimates by battlefield observers and a handful of spies are upwards of 250,000 bodies that can be summoned to battle at any one time. The number includes many combat-limited Muties, but also takes into account four full legions of Drogduni, three battalions of the horrifying Kerberos (“Three Faces”) and omits any prisoners that might be used as “sword fodder” (which can range from a few hundred to thousands).

Erebos’ carefully managed breeding programs (and control over hungry Muties) resulted in an explosion of fast-footed mounts for many of his soldiers. Wardoggs and Etanioks became especially plentiful during this period. Finding Muties who could capably ride them, however, was another matter.