Watcheyes are small, long-cell powered, anti-gravity orbs that serve as the eyes and ears of Conglomerate Major Shareholders (CMSs) when they cannot be present in person. Such a device is necessitated by the CMS’s duties at multiple locations across several systems in the day-to-day execution of Conglomerate business. Watcheyes also serve to give official CMS representation to specific votes where their physical presence cannot be guaranteed (or impractical).

Watcheyes utilize a special cryptoscheme said to be woven into a hyper-classified subchannel believed to exist within each Gate corridor and routed through an unknown set of satellite positions to their intended destination. Not much else is known of these ever-present instruments, including what sensors might be integrated into their compact forms. The Audrium lattice which comprises the second layer of the shell construction is exceptionally resistant to physical damage and is designed to insulate the interior from eavesdropping and other unwanted scans.

Deliberately tampering, hacking or inflicting harm on a Watcheye (attempted or otherwise) is prosecuted as if the owner’s physical person (a CMS) was assaulted. Such a crime is a capital offense in all but the rarest situations (i.e.- incidental destruction in a Hot Zone).