Conglomerate social structure is rigidly defined by one's holdings in Conglomerate shares. CSSTATs (Conglomerate Space STATions) however, all have two common “zones” of quarters. The Upper City and the Lower Levels.

The Upper City, roughly approximated to be the topmost 25% of a CSSTAT's available space, is home to an estimated 1% of the CSSTAT's total population. All authoritative bodies can be found in the Upper City including, but not limited to, visiting dignitaries, communications hubs, private entry space ports and an entirely segregated power grids in case of catastrophic shutdown of the CSSTAT's primary network.

The benefits of the Upper City are many. High-end, non-synthetic food eateries (such as the ever-popular Snake Riviera Ristorante, Sofajit Bakery and the celebrity chef's self-named, Gilihaq, to name but a few). Exclusive retailers (Heather's Cosmic Diamond Trust, Hadrian BioComposites, The Pet Ranger Boutique, etc.) are also plentiful in the “Corridor One District” of any CSSTAT. The countless entertainment options from mass holo-venues to live performances are the best anywhere. Only the elite of society live in the Upper City. In order to ensure the safety of everyone who lives, works and plays in the Upper City, security is especially tight (though less apparent) as one enters the more extravagant social levels. Two notable exceptions are the Junction Levels (sometimes called “the Coop”) which separate the Upper City from the Lower Levels and its denizens and Conglomerate official offices.

An added benefit to some Upper City levels is the artificial (but visually and radiologically accurate) sunlight created from a carefully placed series of EM emitters and the occasional window. Other environmental perks such as wind currents can also be fabricated to help suspend one's senses from the fact that they are in a self-contained (albeit massive) metallic hull floating above the world whose environment it seeks to replicate.