The Code Sovereign “decryption appliance” is a small, portable device containing any number of codex entries meant to aid the user in defeating electronic security parameters. Their sole purpose is to gain access to the target system. Code Sovereign issuance is strictly controlled, on a per-mission basis and must be accounted for upon completion of the assignment. Each Code Sovereign can only be activated with a DNA trigger and real-time, infrared palm presence scans.

Due to the nature of these devices, individuals who possess them tend to operate within intelligence/counterintelligence spheres. Code Sovereigns contain multi-level quantum processing units working in parallel to learn (in time), decrypt and access even alien datasystems (provided an access point can be determined). Vital MACODAX systems are shielded from Code Sovereign interloping, with certain critical information being accessible only through direct console use on Deck 19.5.

*** A handful of Code Sovereign units have been lost in the field. Such is the nature of deep cover operations. Identification safeguards disable these units locally. System-wide lockout and regular access code cycling across MACODAX ensure they cannot be used to hack into the Conglomerate’s data stores. Hacked Code Sovereigns are not known to exist.