CID: 131-4564-8828
Race: Human
Age: 42
Occup: APNC Terrestrial
Scientist, Class VI.

Tonni 131-4564-8828 (henceforth, “Tonni” unless otherwise noted) is a Class VI Terrestrial Scientist whose position makes him a key figure in determining whether the data received from forward exploratory drones warrants Conglomerate acquisition of the drone-visited worlds. Unlike in most science branches, Terrestrial Scientists are allowed -- indeed encouraged -- to exercise their gift of “interpretation.” Their reading of preliminary data, compared and contrasted with thousands of other cross examinations, is used as a secondary measure to ascertain how many Conglomerate resources to send to a newly discovered world in order to maximize the return on investment and ensure the quickest possible acquisition.

Tonni’s analyses have proven nearly prophetic in many ways, calling likely resistance by native forces and planetary valuations within 0.01% of The Conglomerate’s secretive computational estimates; a feat never before achieved by “human intuition” alone. Two cases where he exceeded computer models resulted in an estimated seven trillion credit savings. In one of the cases he cited anthropological evidence which suggested the use of low-level Enforcer units would be more effective than an entire armada force. His recent negative citation as a reliable asset resulted from his contrarian appraisal of the Scyloquin resistance, which cost the lives of 19,053 additional Enforcers and resulted in an estimated loss of two trillion credits to The Conglomerate. He joined the APNC program in hopes of restoring his name in the eyes of his superiors, as well as taking the opportunity to explore and catalog another untouched world.

Query: Over his service life, Tonni’s expertise is estimated to have saved The Conglomerate a total of well over 100 trillion credits. The CMS has recognized these feats with countless merit citations, War Savings Bonuses and ceremonies. Tonni is also granted the unusual pre-authorization to leap from research branch to branch to acquire the most updated information available for his own assessments, which are presented to the CMS in weighing system advancement. It seems unusual for Tonni to have been demoted after a single incident, even at the cost of two trillion credits, having forged a net gain of 98 trillion.

Preliminary Conclusion: Personal (if professional) relationship with Samantha 1-9287-97632 (henceforth “Samantha,” unless otherwise noted) formed at research funding symposiums may have played a role in Tonni’s decision to join the APNC mission. He attracted her attention by developing and successfully implementing biological preservation efforts, even during World Zeroing operations. Such efforts, born of his substantial influence with the Central Banking Ministries who fund system integration, are known to have drawn the ire of some within the CMSB as well as science teams who have watched their funding dry up in favor of Tonni’s direction and innovations.

Secondary Query: Generational backtraces suggest a possible lineage between Tonni and the Behlnion family…which retains substantial holdings in the subsector of resource-positive space bearing their name. Such a relationship is speculation, however, given that there is no invocation of the powerful family in anything Tonni has ever done. He is, by all measures and standards, a self-made man.

Perhaps he is being used as a high profile example of The Conglomerate’s zero tolerance policy for failure…which in and of itself is curious. All humans are fallible…